Notice of Costs and Charges
Eastern Idaho Public Health District Board of Health, under the authority granted by Idaho Code 39-414 (1), 39-414 (11), 39-416, and Administrative Rules IDAPA 41.02.01, sets the following fee schedules based upon the actual cost of providing the services.

  • Adult and Foreign Travel Immunization Fees (New 1/06/14)
  • Please Note: Effective June 1, 2012, EIPHD began billing the following insurance companies for routine adult immunizations (Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Tap, Twinrix, HPV, Varicella, MMR, IPV, and Influenza).
    • Blue Cross of Idaho
    • Blue Shield
    • DMBA employee policy only (does not include college student policy)
    • Pacific Source
    • Great West Cigna

    Some other vaccines may be covered, but pre-authorization is required. Insurance CANNOT be billed for foreign travel vaccines.

    If your insurance copmany is NOT listed, please call us to check your coverage.

  • Childhood Immunization Fees (New 1/06/14)

  • Environmental Health Fees (1/02/14)

  • Miscellaneous Fees (1/6/14)

  • Reproductive Health Fees (1/6/14)


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